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This naive slaveboy thinks that he is spending a quiet day with his lady but Mistress Leticia has different plans. She bounds him up then forces him to worship her high heels and feet before cramming his mouth full of shecock. The real fun for him begins when she starts smacking him around and gapes his tight ass!

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Are you aware of what happens to someone in Thailand when you fuck up, don’t you? They hit you with a cane. Mistress Jules here was trained as a domme in Thailand, so guess what she does when you break the rules? That’s right, you get caned! This evil Thai dominatrix with incredible perky boobs and a nice shemale dick enjoys humiliating her subs and making them worship her high heels. Mistress Jules is well aware they desire to worship her toes, and she so enjoys not giving them what they want!


First of all, I’d just like to say that this is a true story, but all the characters names have been changed to conceal identity. This story begins in Amsterdam, where me and my new fiance have just landed at the airport. Her name is Crystal, she’s about 5’8′, dirty blond hair, nice round tits and a firm ass. She only weighs about 130, and thats not too bad for me. I like them with a bit of meat on em.

So, anyways, we get our bags and all that shit, and we’re off to our hostel in a cab. We pre-booked our hostel in a nice, semi-respectable location. I won’t reveal the name for legal purposes. So, when we were in the cab, she decided to start playing games with me. We were both in the backseat and she would lift up her skirt and show me her pussy when the driver wasn’t paying attention, and cop a feel of my dick too. She only did it a couple of times, but by the time we got to the hostel I wanted to fuck her so badly I could taste it.

We had decided on the plane ride over that while we were in Amsterdam, anything goes. This we both took whole-heartidly. I would just like to say that now because when we got our stuff into our room, i dove on her. The room wasn’t really private, there were others sharing with us, but luckily at the time, no one was there then. I threw her onto our bed and hiked up her mini until all i could see was a beautiful bald pussy sopping and waiting to be devoured. I teased only for a second, then i dove right in. I pride myself in my pussy eating abilities, and this time, i was on fire. I parted her swollen lips with my tongue and drove my face as hard as i could onto her. Once i got her back arched from clit play, I decided to jam my tongue inside her. I went as far as i could go in, tasting every taste, reaching for her g-spot. All this while I was furiously rubbing her clit with my thumb, and she unexpectadly blew. I wanted to stop to tell her to keep it down, she was being so loud, but i kept going.

Finally she collapsed, and then, I knew it was my turn. I was still fully clothed, so I remedied myself of this. I stripped down bare. Bare until my seven inch cock was pointed directly at her, already oozing of pre-cum. I stood at the edge of the bed and beckoned to her to come and suck my cock, which she hungrily oblided. She got on all fours and began sucking my cock so good it made my head spin. I swear, it was the best head i have ever gotten, thus far. She loved my dick anyways. I must admit, it is a beautiful dick. Perfectly perportioned, its five inches around at the base and three at the end of the shaft, with a nice bulbous head on top, perfect for making girls cum. I’ve even fantasized and dreamt frequently about sucking it myself, but i’m just not flexible enough to do it. (yet) So anyways, back to my story. Crystal was sucking my dick, when my eyes were drawn to some movement at the door. It was a girl. Standing there in shock and amazement of what she was seeing. She was about my height, 5’11’, and somewhat muscular build. She wore a tube top, which could barely contain the obviously fake but perfect tits underneath. It was so fucking hot watching her watching my fiance swallow my dick. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. My dick that is. And then, she spoke. “I-I’m sorry, b-b-ut I just have to join you too.” Thats all she said. Crystal wasn’t stopping. She was a woman possessed.

The mystery woman came closer beside us and shed herself of the tube top. I smiled at her, and all most blew it at the site of her tits. Crystal has nice tits, but these were georgous. The nipples were pointed up on the tits, and it was like the tube top didn’t support anything. They just hung in the air. I was mesmerized. Crystal popped her head off my dick and told me to lay down. So, i
layed down on the bed, and with no sign of confusion or anything, both girls started working me over. Crystal had changed from my dick to my swollen balls, and was using her built up saliva to work them around like pool balls on her tongue. The girl, who i later found out her name was Amanda, started to work my dick like a pro. Suddenly Amanda changed from my dick and wanted at my balls, so
crystal happily obliged, but Amanda still had her own agenda. She lifted my legs in the air and proceeded to lick my asshole. My god it felt good. Luckily, i had sort of anticipated this and gotten a Brazilian with crystal a couple of days previous. So, my hairless asshole was being reamed by a complete stranger. It was too much. I blew it. Crystal held it in her mouth. Her and Amanda French kissed and then they both swallowed it.

I looked at crystal, and we both knew. It was time to fuck the new girl. We both got up and approached her. She nervously held back, and told us. “There’s something you should know before we go on.” She pulled down her skirt to reveal a thong with a big cock stuffed behind it! I was startled at first, but then i knew i was bisexual, but i had just never acted on it. I had told crystal this
previously, so she knew i wanted that dick as bad as she did. I dropped to my knees and surprised the hell out of both the girls. I wanted the first taste of the dick i thought. I pulled the thong to the side, and out popped a gorgeous dick. Smaller than mine, but so nice and completely hairless. I kissed it on the tip and tasted the pre cum that had been building up. I played with it a bit
with my tongue, then i gorged onto it. I swallowed the whole dick, right up to the base and sucked. It wasn’t to hard to do, it was only five inches long. So i sucked that dick passionately for a couple of minutes while my fiancĂ© played upstairs on her tits and kissed her on the mouth. Finally i decided to do something i had wanted or a long time. I stood up and demanded that Amanda get on the bed on her hands and knees. She did, and exposed to me one of the most glorious sites that i will never forget. Her pink asshole, and beneath it drooped a swollen pair of balls and a nice erect dick.

I looked at crystal as if to ask permission, and she gave me the go-ahead. So i went ahead. I grabbed her dick from behind and sucked on it for a little bit, then turned my attention to her perfect little asshole. I rimmed that thing like a tongue fucked my own girl. So gently at first, just licking and kissing it.
Making her squeel and laugh. Then my horniness got the best of me. I went frantically between her ass and her cock. Shoving my tongue in as far as it would go into her ass, then sucking her cock from in between her legs. Crystal suddenly took my head, turned it toward her and kissed me hard on the mouth. She looked at me and said; “Fuck that tranny. Fuck that tranny hard baby!!” I swear.
She was crazy. She then shoved her own tongue into Amanda’s ass and spit on it to give some lube. Then she gobbled on my dick to make it real nice and sloppy.
I then pressed the head of my perfect cock onto this girls perfect asshole and spread her wide open. as i worked in and out of her, crystal got underneath and sucked amandas cock nice and sloppily. I would occasionally pull out and tell crystal to suck the ass juice off my dick, which she happily agreed to.

Everyone got fucked that night, including me. It was just night one of a seven day trip in Amsterdam, but those are all other stories.
The end.

Fabia Marques is a kinky and sexy shemale with a tight body, long legs, and a super tight leather dress that looks really good on her. She also has an addiction to black leather boots, especially when she has a submissive male slave to lick and give her shemale foot worship.

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Mistress Penelope is enjoying her day at home with her two slave sluts. These boys are very well trained and know almost exactly what Mistress wants at any given time. Watch as they lick her beautiful feet, fan her body and drop down to become her living footstool. The fun begins when she picks up her long black crop and soon has those asses bright red with pain!

Shemale Foot Fetish Shemale Foot Fetish

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